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Apartment Moving Pack

Apartment Moving Pack

Excluding Sales Tax

Summer Sale 2023

The Apartment Kit is an ideal assortment of moving supplies for a studio apartment or small moving project. The included supplies will help you pack, organize, protect, and cushion all of your items. The quantities of each item in the kit can be adjusted to best fit your moving and packing needs.


  • Small Moving Box

    Quantity 10


  • Medium Moving Box

    Quantity 15


  • Cushion Foam

    Quantity 1


  • Box / Packaging Paper Tape (55 yard roll)

    Quantity 3


  • 15’ Enviro-Bubble® Roll (Small Bubble Size)

    Quantity 2


  • Packing Paper (100 Sheets)

    Quantity 1


  • Box Markers With Knife

    Quantity 1


  • Flat Screen TV Cover

    Quantity 1


  • Sealable Mattress Bag Queen / King Size

    Quantity 1


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