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Be Protected with Valuation Coverage.

Would you operate your vehicle without car insurance? Choosing to move without full replacement valuation is no different than driving a car without car insurance.

  • Chances are good that nothing will happen, however if something does, you need to be protected.

  • Valuation is coverage for items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during a move or while in storage. All movers provide carrier-based liability as a standard, which is 60 cents per pound coverage. What that means is, if your entire 10,000-pound shipment is destroyed in a van fire, you would only receive $6,000 in replacement costs.

  • We encourage you to read your homeowners policy carefully, or speak to your insurance agent to understand and clarify if your belongings will be covered in case of catastrophic loss during a move – and get it in writing.

  • Full replacement valuation is your best option to ensure your belongings are fully protected. Every mover has a full coverage option, but it comes as a price. Let your JK Moving Move Consultant help you fully understand full replacement valuation and all of your options.

  • Moving can be stressful without any extra considerations, but when you’re trusting a company to move what matters most to you, it can add extra anxiety. JK Moving makes sure you have the valuation coverage you need.

Declaration of Valuation Flyer
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